Vocational Habilitation / Facility Based ADS / Community Based ADS

WASCO offers many different types of services for our individuals. We have our Vocational Habilitation / Production team who is in contract with Thermo Fisher. Our employees get to learn job task such as production work, assembly line, mail services, cafe work, and much more! We also provide a facility based ADS service. We have several different locations for our individuals to come and learn daily living skills. Our third option is a community based ADS program that pushes for community integration. We love seeing the smiles that come from these different programs.
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"WASCO has provided me with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  It's not often that people get the opportunity to truly make a difference in someone's life every single day and that is exactly what WASCO provides for me.  The individuals we serve allow a safe place for me to be myself, unapologetically and without judgement.  I am forever grateful for what I'm able to do here". - A. Patton