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Building a Brighter Future

WASCO's is a non-profit organization found in the heart of Marietta, Ohio. Our mission is to serve people, enrich lives, and reach goals. We have a well trained staff that is always ready to tackle the day. Our administrative team and leadership strives everyday to make WASCO great. Our individual's mean the world to us. We work to serve them and guide them through daily tasks. We have over 70 individual's who use our services. We currently provide 3 different services: Voc-Hab/ Production, Facility Based ADS, and Community Based ADS. It is our goal to make sure that our individual's reach their goals! WASCO offers many different on and off site services to serve the community. We thrive on community integration. To sum up what WASCO is... we are FAMILY! Contact us today!

"Not only do we try to make a difference in our individual's lives, but in reality, they make a difference in ours!"- A.H 

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