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"WASCO is where we do not put "dis" in our abilities!"

-Malachi M. 

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Marietta Community Foundation

Wasco, Inc. Capacity Building Fund


Provides individuals with disabilities community opportunities and various activities and off-site locations.

Provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work and learn work skills to prepare for community employment.

Individuals learn work skills through packaging and assembly and touring their community to learn about different community employment options.


At Wasco, Inc. Washington County Ohio, we are dedicated to supporting individuals through our various initiatives.

- Mobile Work Crew

-Non-Medical Transportation


Wasco Inc. offers unique work experiences for disabled adults through various work contracts awarded by the state.

There are many Volunteering opportunities within our community.

We offer many classes to teach specific skills to increase independence of disabled adults.

WASCO desires to help individuals reach their goals and integrate in the community. Contact us today about the services we provide!


Mission Statement

Serving People, Reaching Goals, Enriching Lives 


Vision Statement

To build and maintain a strong community agency that opens gateways to opportunities.

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